Member Benefits

*  As an IMCAT member, you will have access to our all new website's members only pages which include a membership directory, online community features and helpful IMC information.

*  Your IMCAT ​membership ​gives ​you ​access ​to ​support  ​from ​veteran ​coordinators ​in ​your ​area ​and ​across ​Texas with our mentor program.

*  You will receive all IMCAT member only emails and a subscription to the IMPULSE newsletter.

*  Through ​IMCAT's ​legislative  ​representation, ​you will ​know ​what is ​going ​on  ​at ​TEA, ​at ​the ​State ​Board ​of ​Education ​and ​at ​the ​Legislature. ​ 

*  Only ​IMCAT ​events ​are ​approved ​by ​the Texas ​Education ​Agency ​for ​reimbursement ​ with ​Technology ​and ​Instructional ​Materials Allotment ​funds. ​ 

*  IMCAT ​helps ​you ​work ​smarter for ​the ​schoolchildren ​of ​Texas.


How to Become a Member

If you attend the Annual Conference and/or Summer Institute, you are automatically a member of IMCAT (registration for IMCAT's Annual Conference includes a one-year membership and registration for IMCAT's Summer Institute includes a 6-month membership).

To become a member without attending an event, please complete the online form below:

Note:  Membership is only open to representatives of public schools and open-enrollment charter schools.





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